‘Before You Start’ Small Business Success Checklist

According to Inc.com, 50% of entrepreneurs who start small business ventures within the first 5 years. Why? Perhaps because of a lack of cash flow, a poor market, or stiff competition? In my experience – and this article by Success Harbor tends to agree with me – most entrepreneurs who

How to Start a Small Business on a Tiny Budget

I’ve started at least 3 profitable small businesses without spending any of my own money – despite being told that it can’t be done by business coaches, financial advisors, mentors, friends and family. If you’re serious about learning how to start a small business on a tiny budget, get ready

What are the Benefits of Email Marketing?

Many of the online marketing beginners that I know mistakenly believe that email marketing isn’t worth investing in. ‘It’s all about social’, they’ll say, or ‘SEO is where I’m putting my money this year.’ Plus – and I hear this all the time – ‘Email is dead. No-one reads their

What is Online Marketing About?

I’m willing to bet you’ve never heard of me before. Yet here you are, on my website, reading something I wrote. Something I wrote from my couch whilst working from home, making a living by marketing myself and my business online. Maybe you asked Google a question, most likely something like